About Us

Wonka Playground is one of the best commercial indoor playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers in PanYu, Guangzhou, China. Throughout all the time, we have been insisting on delivering our production in accordance with international high standards. In this way, we can always manage to provide our customers with great products. Also, this strategy has successfully helped our company gained a good reputation all over the world. Now, we have already grown to be a big business that can provide more than just manufacturing.

What we have for you?

  • High-quality: We always believe that it is the quality that helped us survive to embrace prosperous. As we have mentioned just at the beginning, we obey to those international high standards so that we can make sure we are performing in a right way. In addition to this, we have also paid lots of attention to the selection of material. We use those tear and wear materials in our production line to ensure that our product will be durable and can provide a lasting fun.
  • Turn-key solution: We have gained rich experiences in designing, manufacturing, distribution, and installation. So, it will be a good choice for those freshmen to choose our turn-key solution. Because they are usually lack of relatted knowledge and experience, which are required to build a complete indoor play park. Sometimes, they even don’t know how to make a business plan to make the first step. in this case, our turn-key solution will definitely help them fix all their problems.
  • A large selection of products: We can offer you all kinds of indoor playground equipment. In our product list, you will not only find out those traditional indoor plays like slides, spring riders, and ball pools but also can find out many new plays such as ninja courses, rope courses, interactive trampoline, and VR simulators. All of these products will undoubtedly turn your place to a colorful happy land where children can reap many mental and physical benefits.

We can provide a wide variety of high-quality products for every customer. Still, we have pushed our turn-key solution, which is proved to be pretty useful for those prospective park owners. Believe in us and we can help you to build an incredible playground where children can reap tons of fun while you can gain huge profits as well. Make a call and move now!