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Indoor playgrounds

Wonka Playground builds the best indoor playgrounds available quality, safety, creativity, and durability. Exactly, we are the very enterprise who are specialized in building a superb indoor playground. Over the past years, we have successfully helped many business owners opened their indoor jungle gyms by providing them all kinds of products, along with our turn-key solution. Scrolling down this product page to see if there are some designs in your taste. If you are just looking for some products in a special design, we can still offer custom design to help you.

Indoor playground equipment

In the former days, kids have to go outdoors when they want to perform some active activities. Playing outside can surely bring kids lots of mental and physical benefits due to the high engagement of brain and body. Running, jumping, chasing, climbing, and so many simple activities will make them burst into a laugh again and again. However, because of certain dangers lurking outside, many adults will hesitate to allow their kids to play outdoors. This will be bad news for kids, especially those athletic ones. At this time, the indoor jungle gym has come up to solve this problem. There are all kinds of indoor playground equipment available for kids to enjoy indoors. Compared to outdoor activities, indoor soft play will provide a much safer environment where kids will only have limited exposure to bacterial, harmful UV radiation, and harsh weather. In this way, the delicate immune system of kids will be better protected and even get improved by physical activities.

Wonka playground is pretty good at making all kinds of indoor equipment that can be used to build all kinds of indoor theme parks. On the one hand, we have a large selection of high-quality commercial indoor play equipment such as slides, climbing walls, ball pits, spring riders, trampolines, and etc. They can perfectly fit in every corner of your indoor play area to make your place more attractive. On the other hand, we also have several choices for each type of equipment. This can be easily seen through our arcade game machine. We have shooting game machines, boxing game machines, riding game machines, driving game machines, and so many other game machines. Because of these two advantages we have for you, you have no need to worry about your budget any more. Except for equipment, we also offer a variety of indoor playground structures for you.

Indoor playground structures

Our indoor play structures always come equipped with all of the required apparatus that provide different fun for kids. Because of our various combined apparatus, our indoor playground structure is considered as a perfect choice for you to entertain children of all ages while shelter them from the elements. In addition to this, we have an array of stimulating and attractive designs that can help build all kinds of themed playgrounds. Infant modular space with ramp, tot town contained fire engine, snug play mini kit, and kid, junior, and adventure series sets are all available here.  You can choose one of them to better match your indoor park.

In fact, investing in our indoor play structures will lead to big business value for you because they can be used year-round. That is saying you can open your indoor play structure to kids every day throughout the whole year regardless of weather conditions. While being used in a protected environment, the indoor equipment can stay away from rust, as well as all kinds of damages caused by exposure to the elements. When kids are enjoying themselves in the soft play area, they can easily remain in hydrated and cool. Still, there will be a lower chance for them to catch a cold or get ill while enjoying indoor plays because they avoid the exposure to the cold or hot. Above all, people who have already delivered a cooperation with us can always receive a high return after the opening.

Go and check out our product lists that contain a vast variety of indoor playground equipment, which is sorted by age group, manufacturer, or price, you will find the perfect pieces that can master your needs. In addition to this, you will also find many kinds of indoor playground structures that are designed for matching different themes. Also, those indoor play structures have good compatibility in fitting different requirements or special needs. For instance, you can find some designed for disabled while some are for independent play. Every kind of our products has its own specific features when you make a comparison, you can use our product comparison tool to help you. It can truly easy your decision-making process. What’s more, when you are looking thought our product list, you can also see our indoor play accessories that can make perfect complementation to your indoor commercial playground. Taking the safety surfaces as an example, our safety surfaces have made a good performance in reducing the number of accidents and following injuries that may accidentally happen to those players.

Indoor playground prices

Actually, it is not always at the same cost when you are going to open an indoor playground. The actual type and size of the chosen equipment will determine how high the final cost will go up to. For example, if you want to build an infant play area, you have to prepare $1,790 for an infant space with a ramp. The cost will go higher, usually between $38,985 and $55,525, if you want to get a full adventure set with tubes, slides, and ramps.

Based on your actual needs, we can offer some specific designs that have a separate price. Just as the followings:

  • 50 square meters: $6,500
  • 70 square meters: $8,000
  • 160 square meters: $13,500
  • 200 square meters: $24,000
  • 300 square meters: $26,000

These quotations are for the whole design of your indoor playground. Of course, there are other options available because we can offer complete custom design. If you need a custom design, just contact us to get some information.

After finishing the design, you may want to purchase some kinds of indoor play structures. Our company can also provide you with various kinds of indoor play structures that vary in size and level. Generally, if you want a two-level structure, you will need $90 to $110 for one square meter. For three-levels, it will cost you $180 to $230 per square meter. When it comes to a multi-level structure, it will be about $400 per square meter. These are the rough quotation that we give out for a reference. If you want a more specific price, you can ask our online service for help.

The preparation for an opening day can’t be finished without indoor playground equipment. As we are an experienced commercial indoor play equipment manufacturer, we have a wide list of indoor play equipment for you. Actually, different equipment will ask for a different price. If you plan to build an indoor play area for toddlers, you can also choose soft play as an alternative that will help you save a lot of your cost. As for other equipment, those products made of plastic and rope net that is made by handcraft, are in a higher price compared to other types. In addition to those products, those with high-techs will also ask for a higher price.

Whatever the choice is, all you want to do is to build a fun and safe indoor playground while the total cost is affordable and acceptable. Wonka Playground have rich experiences in this industry, so, we can definitely help you build an attractive playground with a low cost.

After you have purchased indoor playground equipment, the next step you have to do is to perform an installation. As a matter of fact, it is usually a piece of relatively easy and quick work to install kids’ indoor playground equipment by following our installation instructions. However, not all park owners have enough time for installation. They have to master their business form a holistic perspective and they just want to get their indoor play equipment and indoor structures up as soon as possible so that they can quickly put their playground on the wheels. In this way, they can ask our company to provide professional installation service that can quickly help get their indoor jungle gym ready for official opening. Normally, our professional installation team can provide an extensive installation service such as toddler indoor play equipment, soft play, a single play panel, and complex structures and we just ask for a fairly reasonable price. They have trained skills and rick experience that can help set up your playground in a very short time. If you want to have your customers laughing with delight soon, you can ask our online service for an installation service, as well as the entire cost. Actually, almost all our customers have showed their appreciation to us saying that they have made the wisest playground investment till now.

Best service

Whether you are planning to run a big commercial indoor playground business or just a small one, we can always offer your corresponding services that will surely easy your way to success. Normally, we can offer you our help from designing to installation. In the past time, we have helped many playground-related business owners solved their trouble. To be honest, we are so proud of being the best playground equipment manufacturer and supplier who can always satisfy our customers’ needs. We proud ourselves on providing all kinds of high-quality products such as indoor playhouses, indoor climbers, indoor slides, and toddler indoor play equipment.

Our company has an online customer service team, members of which are very friendly and knowledgeable. They can offer you help at any time when you are confused about how to place your online order or where to start. Also, they can give you advice on how to choose an indoor playground set that can make your place more fun and attractive. Same as a business owner, we deeply know that the cost related to indoor playground furniture will be the most important part of your business plan. In order to help you master your budget well, we can provide a free quote for what you have picked up before you send your orders. If you choose Wonka Playground, you are definitely choosing a shortcut to your success.